Werks Clean delivers premium, professional housekeeping, maid services, commercial cleaning and domestic staffing solutions in Colorado, California, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Hawaii, Arizona, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington D.C., Florida and worldwide with an emphasis on testing for pathogen viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi and other microbes that could be making you sick. In addition to pathogen testing we also offer air quality testing, radon, formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals testing, mold testing, carpet cleaning, handy man services, electrical and plumbing services, professional organizing, grocery shopping, indoor and outdoor landscaping and other residential services.  Our certified teams clean up from top to bottom.

Werks Clean is founded by a concierge medical group, scientists and engineers who aim to help our clients optimize their health by leveraging the power of STEM. We engineer the science of clean beyond what the human eye can see at the microbial level and within seconds our high tech equipment will determine specific areas in your home where pathogen contamination exists. We then systematically target those locations for effective microbial remediation or removal of the contaminants.

Lighten up your workload and leave the work to us. Receive 5-star luxury resort housekeeping, maid service and concierge services at home with Werks Clean. The Werks Clean difference means a service guarantee, screened staff who are FBI fingerprinted and background checked, certified trained staff who complete our Werks Clean Bootcamps and have expertise in cleaning and microbial remediation of high end flooring, textiles and home appliances.

Werks Clean’s proprietary maid service, housekeeping and commercial cleaning system is based on proprietary methods of microbial contamination detection, microbial remediation and maintenance. Eliminate dirt, germs and toxins. Breathe cleaner air. Reduce sickness. Spend your time doing other things – not cleaning. Leave the work to us. Werks Clean offers eight exclusive maid service, housekeeping and commercial cleaning service packages customized to suit your needs and provide a range of maid service, housekeeping and other cleaning services including

Housekeeping, Housecleaning, Move Ins & Move Outs, Home Seller Staging Cleaning, New Construction Cleaning, Property Management Cleaning,

Event Cleaning;

Spring Cleaning, Allergin Control Cleaning, Green Eco-Friendly Cleaning, Chemical Free Cleaning, 100% Natural Non Toxic Cleaning, Customized Cleaning, Cleaning Using Your Preferred Products;

Properties of Privilege Maintenance, Weekly Cleaning, Monthly Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning

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